​Students may wear a leotard (any color) or full-length tank top with dance shorts and/or leggings. Jazz shoes are required (black color is preferred) with hair pulled away from the face. Please no exposed tummies. Mid-drift shirts and bra tops are not allowed. 

Jazz Class Dress Code

NSB offers a lyrical option for students enrolled in our Ballet 1, 2, and 3 classes, and a contemporary ballet option for students enrolled in our Ballet 4 and Open Programs. There is an additional fee to add these classes on (see specific rates on our Fees and Policies page). It is a required class for students in Ballet 5 or higher and is included in the tuition rate. 

Students may wear a leotard of their choice to this class (any color!) as well as dance shorts or a dance skirt. Ballet shoes, lyrical footies, or bare feet are all acceptable per teacher discretion. Tummies must be fully covered at all times. 

Lyrical and Contemporary Class Dress Code

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Ballet Class Dress Code

In an effort to promote both professionalism and equality, each successive class level at NSB requires a designated color of leotard for girls, which is listed to the right.  

Uniform leotards can be ordered through Dance Away in downtown Chico. 

In addition to this, girls are expected to come to class in pink tights, pink ballet shoes (see staff for brand recommendations), and with hair pulled back into a secured ballet bun. Please refrain from wearing any skirts (unless in pointe or variations classes), belts, or jewelry. Please refrain from dying hair unique, bright colors. Students failing to comply will not be permitted to perform on stage. 

About Our Classical Ballet Program

Minimum age of 8 years

NSB strives to produce beautiful dancers with technical excellence, exquisite artistry, a healthy body image, and a graceful spirit.


Our goal is to do what is best for our students as whole individuals, thus allowing them to thrive.


We seek to furnish an experience that encourages each student to have a passion for dancing, a resolve to pursue their potential, and a commitment to excellence. 


Students in our Classical Ballet Program are expected to adhere strictly to our dress code as outlined below. Classes range from two to five days per week, lasting 60- to 120-minutes in length. Each successive class level requires more out of the student. In order for them to successfully progress in strength, technique, and artistry, it is mandatory that they be there for their scheduled classes. A placement class is required for any student with previous ballet experience, ages nine or over. 


An Open Program is also offered at NSB. It is designed for students who have completed Level 3 or higher and are required to attend a minimum of three Ballet 3, 4, or 5 classes per week (90 minutes each, placement of classes by teacher discretion). Students may also be required to take a placement class and are not eligible for Ballet 6 or higher classes, pointe classes, variations classes, or the annual Student Showcase. 

Advancement through NSB is based on many factors including a student’s strength, physical development, commitment, master of material, maturity, attendance record, and artistic development as assessed by her or his teacher(s) and directors. In all cases, a student’s ability to safely execute the required class material is considered above all other factors, including age. Because our work is so closely connected to each individual’s physical development, it is not unusual for a student to repeat a level of ballet training (unlike academic advancement).

A student’s placement is left solely to the discernment of the faculty and staff. They are placed in an appropriate program and advance based on four general criteria: technical ability, physique, interest, and attendance.  

​Family members are also invited to attend a "Peek Week" two to three times per school year to view their student's progress inside the classroom. 


Visit our Contact Us page to email or call us about registering your student in our program!

Male uniforms are available for sale from Dance Away in downtown Chico:

Sansha brand #Y3555C "Sonny" short sleeve leotard in white, and #Y0651C "Spencer" medium length shorts in black. 

They will also need white ankle socks and black ballet shoes, with hair pulled away from the face. 

Ballet 3

Ballet 6

Ballet 5


Skirt style

312 otterson dr, ste g ~ Chico, ca

Ballet 2

Ballet 1

Ballet 4

NorthState Ballet

Ballet 7

Female uniforms are available for sale through Dance Away in downtown Chico:

Motionwear Silkskyn Luxe #2200 "Sweetheart" for Ballet 1, 2, and 3, and #2518 "Princess Seam" for Ballet 4, 5, 6, and 7. Skirts are #1236 "Pull-On, Unfinished Hem" in matching color of coordinating leotard. 

Colors for each level are assigned as follows:

Ballet 1 -- "Mint" leotard

Ballet 2 -- "Radiant Orchid" leotard

Ballet 3 -- "Iris" leotard

Ballet 4 -- "Turquoise" leotard, with matching skirt for pointe/variations

Ballet 5 -- "Ultraviolet" leotard, with matching skirt for pointe/variations

Ballet 6 -- "Sunset Coral" leotard, with matching skirt for pointe/variations

Ballet 7 -- "Shadow Gray" leotard, with matching skirt for pointe/variations

Open Program ​-- Navy blue leotard of choice