NorthState Ballet

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"Their passion for dance and genuine love of children makes for a perfect combination." 

--Bruce L. King


What people are saying about us

"It is with great pleasure I write this letter of endorsement for Heather Wysong and Laurel Tennant as instructors of classical ballet. Both have expressed a desire to open their own studio of classical ballet and I can think of no finer young ladies to start such a business venture. Their passion for dance and genuine love of children makes for a perfect combination.

Both Heather and Laurel have strong classical pedagogy in all manner of classical ballet and have many years of production experience. I have worked with Heather and Laurel in two capacities; as their ballet instructor and as their production choreographer. Both ladies attended my classes in ballet technique, advanced pointe, and classical partnering. Their obvious talent was evident at an early age and acceptance into several prestigious summer ballet programs only supported my opinion that careers in professional dance were a viable option for them. As their choreographer in many of my ballets, I had the pleasure of casting them in principal roles and was never once disappointed by their fine performances.

Heather and Laurel have the knowledge of their craft and a strong desire to pass this knowledge on to the children of the North State. I would not hesitate in sending my own eight-year-old goddaughter to train with them."

--Bruce L. King 

M.A.,B.A. Ballet Master, Choreographer, Character Artist

Affiliations: Sacramento Ballet, Capitol Ballet, State Street Ballet


"Heather Wysong has been an integral part of the PTDW faculty since 2010. She is not only an excellent teacher but has continued to refine those teaching skills with continued professional growth, contributing to the refinement of our ballet syllabus and teaching methodology. She is one of those rare people who can demonstrate not only technical expertise, best teaching practices, and clear communication skills, but is also a choreographer in her own right, with an exceptional sense of aesthetics for both classical and contemporary ballet."
--Pamela Trokanski 
Teacher, Choreographer
Owner and Director of Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop, Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre
Life in 11Dimensions


"Laurel and Heather have been my daughter's ballet teachers for three years, and I have watched her skill skyrocket during that time. Their strength in technical training is rivaled only by their integrity, consistency, and nurturing of the whole child. They teach more than dance; they teach life lessons that enable children to grow and thrive. There is no better training available in the north state."

--Jodi B., parent


"There is truly no comparison to what Heather and Laurel bring to their students. My daughter has developed more self-confidence and positive self-esteem under their tutelage than she has at any other studio in the north state. It brings me such joy to watch my child grow and flourish doing something she loves. I am consistently impressed by their superb technical training and innate ability to connect with children. They both challenge and inspire their students to become more than they think they can be. It is without reservation that I highly recommend North State Ballet to any parent that is considering dance training for their child."

--Tina R., parent  


"Fantastic, fantastic program with incredibly warm teachers."

--Dana S., parent

"Wow! North State Ballet is friendly, welcoming, inclusive, encouraging, beautiful, clean, happy, positive and has a strong commitment to the integrity of ballet and dance technique. I highly recommend them!"

--Wendy O., parent


"My son, age 4, began NSB classes about two months ago. Not only does he love attending classes, he walks away with confidence, music appreciation, and some French vocabulary. We love this school and the wonderful atmosphere that his teachers have created."

--Lex B., parent


"From the moment our shy, then-four-year-old daughter laid eyes on Miss Laurel, she was entranced. Miss Laurel has a fairytale quality to her that draws children in immediately. Her calm, loving style perfectly melded with our daughter's needs. Finally, our daughter had an activity that she could not wait for each week, and we know Miss Laurel was the reason. Her combined experience and expertise in ballet, early childhood development, and instruction at all levels makes her an ideal teacher.

Over the years, we have gotten to know Miss Laurel and feel like she is a part of our family. We know that she cares deeply for our children, just like she does for all of her students. She excels in making each child feel like they are truly special to her." 

--Jenny B., parent​


"Miss Heather has been an inspiration to my daughter. With Miss Heather's guidance over the past four years, my daughter has experienced tremendous growth in all aspects of ballet, as well as in her confidence. Miss Heather is a dedicated teacher, who generously shares her time, expertise, and enthusiasm. In addition, her passion for ballet is infectious. Thus, she develops in her students not only technical and artistic skills, but also a true love of dance. Miss Heather has made a significant difference in my daughter's life with her guidance and encouragement. As a parent, I couldn't ask for a better role model and teacher."

--Karen C., parent


"When I was 13, I attended Boston Ballet's School's Summer Dance Program after one year of attending the school year-round. During the program, Miss Laurel Tennant was my main teacher. She inspired me to develop a love of dance that has taken me to places I never thought I could go. I want to be a dancer more than anything else in the world, and Miss Laurel taught me what it means to work hard in order to achieve this goal, and she also taught me what it means to love ballet."

--Hannah L., student


"After being my ballet teacher for five years, Miss Heather has helped me improve as a dancer. She is so kind and patient, and makes sure to work everyone to the best of their ability. Miss Heather's previous training provides her with a strong technical background, which she is able to pass down to her dancers. It is a pleasure to take classes from Miss Heather, where she creates a wonderful environment for learning and dancing."

--Irem S., student


“I’ve been a ballet dancer for the majority of my life now and never have I been so motivated and happy to train than when it was with Ms. Laurel. Miss Tennant is incredibly encouraging, honest, and dedicated to her students. I have learned so much from her that I will carry with me in my professional dance career. Miss Laurel helps everyone, without judgment or prejudice on where the student is in their training. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work and train with such an amazing woman who has not only helped push me to succeed, but has dedicated hours of time to my training. I cannot emphasize enough that NSB is the best place to dance for a positive, motivational, and professional environment."

--Jenna L., student


"I have known Miss Heather for four years. When I was new at my studio she was very welcoming and made the transition easy. She has trained me to become a better dancer and each one of her classes results in improvement. Miss Heather provides an amazing amount of technique, while still making the class very fun and enjoyable. She is compassionate, caring, loving, and sweet, and because of her I love dance even more than I already did. Outside of class, she was also a great mentor. She talked to me about my future in dance and recommended summer intensive programs that would suit me the best. I would recommend Miss Heather to a student of any age, for she could improve all dancers. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher."

--Cece C., student


"I am so excited to be a part of NSB. I have been training with Miss Laurel since I was three and I met Miss Heather two years ago. I feel that they have opened my eyes to ballet and made it my favorite. I also think they will help me pursue my dreams and bring out anyone's talent. I recommend them to anyone at any level. They have ways to turn a boring old class into a blast!"

--Ryane C., student