"...the most honest expression that we can share with ourselves. The permission to just explore new ways to move without expectation. It also provides an avenue to expand our body's artistic vocabulary through our own instincts.

"...help us connect with our bodies and...build new ways to connect with each other and build relationships that weren't there before."

--Jacob Montoya

Lyrical B, C:

Available for ages 6-7. Introduces movement and choreography of lyrical, which blends styles rooted in ballet and jazz. 

Lyrical 1, 2:

Geared for ages 8 and up. Provides a solid foundation of lyrical technique and choreography, blending styles rooted in ballet and jazz. 

Lyrical 3:

Designed for students ages 10 and up. Expands technical training and integrates artistry and performance at an advanced level.  

Contemporary Ballet:

Integrated specifically into the Ballet 5 weekly schedule or by invitation only. Offers a blend of jazz, ballet, and modern at an advanced level of training designed to expand the advanced ballet dancer into the world of contemporary ballet. 

Jazz/Acro A:

This class features an introduction to acrobatic and basic jazz movements to dancers aged 5. 

Jazz B, C, 1:
Geared toward dancers ages 6-8. Sets a solid foundation for jazz technique, musicality, and performance skills. 

Jazz 1, 2:
A class designed for ages 9-12. Continues to build the foundational jazz skills while pushing into a higher technical level of training. 

Jazz 3:
Created for dancers ages 13 and up or by teacher permission only. Pushes students toward the more advanced levels of jazz technique and performance. 

Jazz 4, 5:

Specifically geared toward our most advanced dancers. By teacher permission only. 

Acrobatic Dance: 

Combining classical dance technique with acrobatic movements, this is a very athletic form of dance that focuses on strengthening, flexibility, and acrobatics. 

  • Beg/Int Acro: Focuses on strengthening, flexibility, and basic acrobatic and tumbling movements. 
  • Int/Adv Acro: Continues skill development in combination with classical dance technique. 

Int/Adv Turns & Leaps:

Focuses on individual elements and basic combinations of intermediate to advanced jazz technique. 

Musical Theatre:

Musical Theatre for children focuses on the combination of ballet and jazz to promote presentation and character development as students learn to tell a story through dance. The class is structured to give the student the experience of being in a show where they will learn to work together similar to a musical theatre company. Pieces are chosen from classic musicals as well as modern musicals that have child characters. The class will also incorporate blocking, partnering, scene and Fosse influenced movement.

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North State Ballet is thrilled to announce a new option in training for our dancers:

North StateDance

North State Danceis a brand new division of NSB that will offer jazz classes in addition to lyrical and contemporary ballet to students enrolled in our ballet program. These classes will be charged according to our Additional Classes policy as depicted on our Fees and Policies tab. North State Dance classes are not available without enrollment in the North State Ballet program. 

North State Dance also offers an Accelerated Training Program (ATP) for NSB dancers wishing to train more extensively in contemporary styles, as well as attending various competitions and conventions. Check here for more information and to see if your child is eligible. 

North State Dance and the ATP are run by Director Gabrielle Chaplin.

Descriptions of classes and age requirements for the regular North State Dance program are listed below. 

NorthState Ballet