Fees, and Fee Schedule


Individual Drop-in Class Fee:    
$13 for 45 minutes, $15 for 60 minutes, or $18 for 90 minutes. Due prior to the start of the class. Non-refundable. Applies only to Adult Program students and students trying a class for the first time in either the Children's or Classical programs.  
Dance Card:    
$120 for 25 x 30 minute segments. May be used for 60 and/or 90 minute classes. Non-refundable, non-transferable. Does not expire. Available only to students participating in the Adult Programs. We offer a 10% discount on Dance Card purchases for current Butte College and/or Chico State students with presentation of school ID. 
Registration Fee:    
$35, due prior to the start of Fall classes each year. The fee is required in order to register for any class and hold your spot. Non-refundable. Does not apply to Adult Program students. NOTE: If your child drops classes mid-year and then returns, the registration fee will need to be paid again at the time of enrollment. 
Placement Class Fee:    
$13 (45 min class), $15 (60 min class), or $18 (90 min class), due prior to scheduled placement class. Level placement is made at the teacher's discretion. Non-refundable. Applies only to Classical Ballet Program students ages nine and over; will be deducted from registration fee if enrolled.
Outstanding Check and Mailing Fee:   
There will be a $10 charge for all mailed outstanding bills, and a $25 charge for any returned checks.  
Multiple Child Discount:     
If more than one child from the same immediate family is enrolled in classes at NSB, there is a 10% monthly discount for the second child, and a 15% monthly discount for the third and any additional children.
Studio Rental:
Our studios are available to rent on a first-come, first-serve basis and at the discretion of NSB. We charge a minimum of $25 per hour fee per studio, depending on its use, and require a signed contract.
Private Classes:
Private lessons are available by request on a first-come, first-served basis as studio space allows. Rates for private classes by Director are $75/hour (NSB student) or $150/hour (non-NSB student), and by Instructor are $60/hour (NSB student) or $120/hour (non-NSB student). These rates are applicable for guest teaching, choreography, and any other instruction within or without North State Ballet. 
Schedule of Payments:    
For each semester, you must re-enroll your student in their new classes. If your child officially drops classes during a given semester, you must notify the front desk immediately via email notice. When your child is enrolled in a class, we are reserving that spot for your child. If you do not officially drop a class prior to the start of a new month, you will be required to pay for that month. NSB has a no refund policy. We do not bill unless your payment is late. You are responsible to follow the due dates and to call if you are not returning to classes. We do not prorate missed classes. The due dates are on or before the first day of class for September through May of each school year. 
There will be a $15 late fee charged for any late payments.
Students will not be allowed to participate in their scheduled classes if tuition is overdue. 
​Summer classes are the exception to this rule, as they are charged by the session. Payment is due on the first day of your child's class.
Uniform Costs:    
Students are expected to adhere strictly to the NSB dress code for their assigned level in order to participate in class(es). Families are responsible for supplying the required color of leotard (ordered through Dance Away in downtown Chico), as well as any additional costs including tights, ballet shoes, pointe shoes, pointe supplies, hair supplies, etc.
Level Promotions:
Children's Program: Students are advanced to the next level in the Fall session only and are placed by age as of October 1st for that year. 
Classical Program: Advancement is also done in the fall, as determined by the placement listed on their evaluation at the end of the previous year, or, in the case of new or transferring students, by the decision of the faculty after a placement class. This placement is an invitation, not a promise, and is dependent upon that student continuing to train over the summer months.

Note: Taking a break over summer puts the dancer three months behind their peers who choose to train, and they may be held back in the fall in spite of the level they were invited to at the end of the previous school year. All decisions for level placement are made by the artistic administration and are final. 
Refer a Friend:
We extend a discount if you refer a friend to our Children's or Classical Programs. You will receive $15 off your monthly tuition rate for each friend who enrolls. This discount is available year-round. 
Peek Week:
Two or three times per year, we formally invite families and friends of our Children's and Classical Programs into the classroom to observe their students’ progress. See our "Important Dates" section for more details on our Class Schedule page. 
Tuition Rates:     
Tuition rates are charged by the hour. Each level has a minimum required number of hours, as outlined below. Beyond that, students may opt into additional classes in our North State Dance program, which include lyrical, jazz, contemporary ballet, etc. There is a tuition cap of $235/month, regardless of the number of classes taken. Tuition is paid monthly and is non-refundable, as mentioned above. September tuition is due in order to hold a spot for the fall semester and is non-refundable. Families who choose to pay for an entire semester at once will receive a 15% discount off their total. 
To qualify for participation in the end of the year Student Showcase, dancers must be enrolled in that class for a minimum of eight weeks (with the exception of Open Program and Adult Program students who do not participate in the Student Showcase). 
We have a limited amount of financial aid available. See our front desk for details. 
If your child is enrolled in our ATP program, there are additional fees throughout the year not included below. Click here for more information. 
The following shows the minimum number of hours required per level per week, as well as the rate per hour (ages are determined by October 1st):

Safety Policies

  • Keeping our students safe is of utmost priority.
  • Inclement weather: NSB will cancel its classes when the Chico Unified School District chooses to close due to inclement weather. We do not prorate classes that are canceled due to weather or other Mother Nature-induced cancelations. 
  • All dancers under the age of 10 must be escorted to and from the building by a parent/adult caregiver and may not be left unattended in the building outside of their scheduled class time. It is highly recommended that parents of children in the Children's Program (ages 7 and under) remain at the studio during their child's class time. 
  • No child will be allowed to leave the studio with someone other than the parent unless there is written permission by the parent and given to the faculty.
  • Street shoes must be worn when outside (not dance shoes). 
  • All students must remain inside the building when waiting to be picked up. No child will be allowed to wait outside or on the curb.
  • Students must be dropped off and picked up within 15 minutes of the beginning and end of their class(es) unless other arrangements are specifically made with our faculty.
  • There will be at least two staff members in the building during scheduled class times. At least two adults will be present in the building during private classes.
  • If there are opposite genders within the classroom at the same time, viewing areas will be open and clear.
  • There are two exits for each studio and one for the lobby in case of emergency.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for any type of recording device inside the dressing room, including cell phones. If any are seen inside the dressing room at any time, they will be confiscated by our staff until the end of the night. 

General Policies


  • NSB reserves the right to cancel classes to low enrollment at any time, or shorten the lesson time by 15 minutes as needed. Affected families will be contacted to discuss options if the class is canceled altogether. Refunds for cancelations are given on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the administration. Credits, if given, for canceled classes will not exceed $10 per class. 
  • Students failing to comply with NSB policies and guidelines (including but not limited to behavioral expectations) will in most cases first be placed on probation. If the problem continues, the next step is a suspension which may result in the forfeiture of the student's participation in classes, performances, and/or ATP where applicable, per the director's discretion. Further issues will result in expulsion from all programs at North State Ballet, North State Dance, and/or ATP. Certain situations my require an immediate expulsion without probation or suspension per the director's discretion. 
  • NSB reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. 
  • Students arriving more than 10-15 minutes late may not be allowed to participate that day per the instructor’s discretion. This is done to protect them from possible injury. Our Classical Ballet Program students may be asked to sit inside the classroom and take notes on that day’s lesson.    
  • Students must abide by the full dress code, including the level-specific leotard color, in order to participate in class(es). 
  • If your child is unable to attend his/her normally scheduled class(es), he/she may make-up any missed class(es) before or after the absence(s) in the same level or in a lower level class in the same session. Each session lasts six to eight weeks and is loosely defined as follows:


​​Fall 1 (Sep-Oct)      Winter 1 (Jan-Feb)    Spring 1 (Apr-May)
Fall 2 (Nov-Dec)     Winter 2 (Mar-Apr)    Spring 2 (May-Jun)


  • Make-up classes do NOT carry over from session to session.
  • Make-ups for missed classes are ONLY available if the student/parent alerts the front office staff and/or class instructor prior to the beginning of the missed class. ​​
  • For students in the Classical Ballet Program, three or more tardies or absences per session will require a meeting with Co-Artistic Director(s) Laurel Tennant and/or Heather Wysong before the student may continue in the program.​​ This is done to ensure that the student can physically keep up with the demands of their class schedule, thus minimizing injury and maximizing their training and growth. 
  • If an account is overdue, students will be suspended from all required classes and dropped from all non-required classes until the account is current. Their position(s) in class(es) will not be reserved, and they will be allowed back in only if there is still space and at the discretion of the instructor. 
  • Please refrain from cell phone use while in our lobby. All calls must be taken outside except in the case of severe stormy weather (or if you're the only one inside the lobby at the time). This helps keep a focus on the children and the noise levels at a minimum. If your child uses a video game device or something similar, there must be no sound whatsoever (earbuds are highly recommended). 

Observation Policies

  • Viewing windows and doors will be available for parents to watch their child’s class(es). Additionally, family members will be invited into the classroom two or three times a school year for Peek Week to observe their child’s progress. Parents must not enter the studios during class times without express permission from the instructor.
  • Classroom windows facing the street and/or parking lot will be covered by sheer draperies to limit public viewing of our students.
  • Taking photos and videos inside our facility is prohibited except with administrative permission.
Class LevelMinimum Required Hours
Pre-Primary A or B (2, 3, 4 yrs by Oct 1)45 min
Primary A (5 yrs by Oct 1)1
Primary B (6 yrs by Oct 1)


Primary C (7 yrs by Oct 1)


Ballet 1 (8+ yrs by Oct 1)2
Ballet 2 (by placement)


Ballet 3 (by placement)4.5
Ballet 4 (by placement)


Ballet 5 (by placement)10.5
Ballet 6 (by placement)


Ballet 7 (by placement)

Total Hours per WeekFALL SESSION Tuition (4 weeks)

45 min




Wifi Policies

  • Our wifi is intended to allow families, students, and visitors to engage in educational or work-related activities. We reserve the right to log internet use and may review sites accessed by users without notice.
  • Students, families, and visitors accessing the internet at NSB must, at all times, demonstrate respect for others.

Bullying Policies

  • ​It is important that all members of the North State Ballet community (faculty, staff, students, and families) recognize that behavior, either verbal or physical, which disregards or demeans the self-esteem of others is unacceptable. Such behaviors are unacceptable regardless of how they are communicated. North State Ballet reserves the right to refuse service. Any individuals engaging in such behaviors will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension, expulsion, or dismissal without advance notice. Other examples of misconduct include cyber bullying, theft, smoking on the premises, physical or verbal aggression; possession, distribution, or use of illegal drugs in any NSB facility.
  • NSB is enriched by the diversity of its members. It recognizes and respects individual differences in culture, race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, and sexual orientation, and provides a welcoming environment of respect and sensitivity.

"...an amazing amount of technique, while still making the class very fun and enjoyable." 

--Cece C., student

312 otterson dr, ste g ~ Chico, ca

Grievance Policies

  • Should a concern arise, please contact the personnel directly involved within 15 days of the incident. The grievance must be recorded within that same period of time. Please take into consideration that any action taken, whether formal or informal, should be handled in a private, cooperative, and respectful manner.
  • Personal discussion of grievances is not permitted in public areas.
  • Parents/guardians and guests of dancers are expected to behave in a professional, mature manner in relation to the students, the faculty, the administration, and with other parents at all times. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from our programs. 
  • There is also a suggestion box available in both bathrooms.

Health Policies

  • In the case of injury or medical emergency, if the child’s guardian or emergency contact cannot be reached, NSB faculty reserve the right to make any executive decisions regarding the child’s care, including but not limited to emergency care.
  • If your child has a health condition, either temporary or long-term, that will prevent them from fully participating in their scheduled classes, please let the administration know immediately. Continuation of the student at NSB will be decided by the faculty. 
  • All injuries must be cleared by a physician before participation in class(es) is allowed. This is also at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Students with contagious infections and/or fevers are required to stay home from classes until cleared by their physician.
  • If a student is injured and cannot participate in class, they must still attend all required technique classes to observe and take notes. 
  • Please refrain from bringing nuts and nut products into our facility. No food, gum, or drinks (other than water) inside the studios.
  • No street shoes on the dance floors.

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