NorthState Ballet

COVID-19 Policies for Classes

UPDATED: October 2020

We will be following state and county guidelines to help create the safest possible environment for your student while at our studio. 

In order for your child to participate in our in-studio classes, whenever that becomes an option, each family must sign a waiver of release during the COVID pandemic. Students without a signed form will not be allowed inside the building. Families not wishing to sign or who do not feel comfortable with sending their child for classes at the studio are welcome to register for our Zoom classes so your child can continue to train from home. Zoom classes will also be offered to students who are on the waitlist for in-studio training. 

Below are the measures we will be taking for the health and safety of our students and families: 

  1. Students must come to the studio already dressed for dance and with their hair done. The dressing room will be closed until further notice. Please leave all extra dance gear at home as there will be no place to put it at our studio - only necessary dance shoes and warm ups will be allowed inside. 
  2. Our lobby will be closed to all families until further notice and all books, magazines, and toys have been removed. 
  3. Our water fountain will not be available for refilling. ALL STUDENTS must bring their own water bottle(s) from home. Any bottles left behind at the end of the day will be thrown out.  
  4. Each student will have their temperature checked and recorded by a staff member before entering the studio via a no-contact thermometer. Any students with a fever of 99.5* or higher will be sent home. A verbal inquiry for state of health will also be conducted. This includes faculty as well. 
  5. All faculty members will be required to wear a face mask while inside the building as well as outdoors when a six-foot distance cannot be maintained. Students are required to do the same, and may be required to wear one at all times depending on the current health mandates. All students must wear a face mask when in the lobby where they will be more clustered when arriving and leaving. Students must provide their own mask. If your child has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, faculty must be informed immediately and additional arrangements must be made. 
  6. We have marks on the floor and at the barres that will allow for a 6-foot separation between dancers.  
  7. All payments and class registrations will be made online through the Studio Director portal whenever possible. Our front desk will be temporarily closed except for appointments and emergencies.  
  8. We have placed high-level, large-room air purifiers in each indoor room and have ensured that there will be proper air flow during all classes. All air filters will be changed regularly.  
  9. All students MUST arrive and be picked up within 5 minutes of their assigned class time. If you arrive earlier, please plan to wait outside or in your car. NSB is not responsible for children who arrive outside of the designated time frame. 
  10. The studios and remainder of the building will be professionally cleaned three times a week, and will be additionally cleaned by faculty before, between, and after each class according to the cleaning recommendations set by the CDC. 
  11. All faculty and students must wash hands/use hand sanitizer before, during, and after each class and/or contact with another person. 
  12. We will not keep a lost and found. Any and all items left behind at the end of the day will be thrown out, even if labeled. Please make sure your student has all of their possessions when they leave after classes. 
  13. There is no eating allowed inside. We have provided outdoor picnic tables for students needing a snack. 
  14. We will be using a large outdoor studio during the pandemic. Indoor classes will only be held when the health mandates allow it. 
  15. Any student showing any signs of any illness will not be allowed to participate in in-person classes for that day. This includes but is not limited to runny noses and upset stomachs.
  16. Any students or faculty showing any signs of COVID-19 must not attend in-person classes for a minimum of 14 days. Additionally, students who have travelled away from the area, especially by plane, may be asked to remain home for up to 14 days to limit potential exposure to others. 

We recognize that these regulations may not align with your family’s values/needs, and we completely understand and respect that. Please be patient as we must comply with the current state and county orders. 

Due to the highly contagious and unpredictable nature of COVID-19, the state and/or county may require NSB to close temporarily. Classes canceled due to this reason will not be prorated, refunded, or credited. We will offer Zoom classes to our students during the interim whenever possible. 

As always, we view our most important job as helping our dancers develop into fantastic human beings. Helping them learn to adapt to adversity is a huge part of life, and as such we ask that all families remain positive as we navigate this challenge. Because we value the health and safety of our dancers, we will adhere to whatever safety standards are required of us, and we will continue to adapt as the situation changes.