Ages as of October 1st of each year:

Female uniforms are available for sale through Dance Away in downtown Chico:

Motionwear #4354 "Cap Sleeve Crepe Skirt" for all Children's Program levels. 

Colors for each level are assigned as follows:

Pre-Primary (ages 3 & 4) -- "White" leotard with attached skirt

Primary Ballet A (age 5) -- "Pink" leotard with attached skirt

Primary Ballet B (age 6) -- "Light Blue" leotard with attached skirt

Primary Ballet C (age 7) -- "Butter" leotard with attached skirt

NSB offers a lyrical and/or jazz option for students enrolled in our Primary Ballet B and Primary Ballet C classes (ages 6 and 7). There is an additional fee to add each class on.

All tummies must be covered for all classes. There are no mid-drifts or bra tops allowed. 

Lyrical: Students may wear a leotard of their choice to this class (any color!) as well as dance shorts or a dance skirt. Ballet or lyrical shoes are preferred; please no bare feet. 

Jazz: Students may wear a leotard (any color) or full-length tank top with dance shorts and/or leggings. Jazz shoes are required (black color is preferred) with hair pulled away from the face. 

Lyrical and Jazz Class Dress Codes

In an effort to promote both professionalism and equality, each successive class level at NSB requires a designated color of leotard for girls, which is outlined below. Leotards must be ordered through the front desk for ages three and up (students may wear a plain black leotard until orders arrive). Come visit us and we will fill you in on the details!

In addition to this, girls are expected to come to class in white ankle socks (no tights), pink ballet shoes (see staff for brand recommendations), and with hair pulled away from the face, preferably in a ballet bun. Please refrain from dying hair unique, bright colors. Students failing to comply will not be permitted to perform on stage. 

Placement is determined by age at October 1st

Ballet Class Dress Code

About Our Children's Program

Ages 2 through 7 years
312 otterson dr, ste g ~ Chico, ca

Male uniforms are available for sale from Dance Away in downtown Chico:

Sansha brand #Y3555C "Sonny" short sleeve leotard in white, and #Y0651C "Spencer" medium length shorts in black. 

They will also need white ankle socks and black ballet shoes, with hair pulled away from the face. 

Our Children's Program is specifically designed to meet the developmental and physical abilities of students ages two through seven years old. Classes take place once a week and are 45- to 60-minutes in length. Children at these ages learn and explore through body movement, using their imaginations in combination with music, props, and direction. Our Baby Ballet class is designed for both the child and the parent/caregiver to participate. Family members are invited to attend a "Peek Week" two to three times per school year to view their student's progress inside the classroom. 

Our goals for this age range include:

  • To introduce children to the art of dancing.         
  • To help children grow.        
  • To organize and foster creativity.        
  • To prepare children for the classical ballet program.        
  • To have fun.   

Visit our Contact Us page to email or call us about registering your student in our program!


"As a parent, I couldn't ask for a better role model and teacher." 

-- Karen C., parent

NorthState Ballet