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"If you dance with your heart, your body will follow." 

-- Mia Michaels

Other Helpful Information

You should try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your selected class time.​

Try to avoid wearing hanging jewelry and excess clothing, as it might interfere with movement, trip you, or cause injury to yourself and/or others.

Please silence your cell phone during class time.

Only ballet shoes are allowed on the dance floors.

Water bottles are the only liquids permitted inside the studios.

Please no video or photography in the studio.

Ladies should plan to wear clothing that is form-fitting but allows freedom of movement (this may include tights and a leotard, yoga pants and a tank top, etc.), ballet shoes (or socks, if you're trying the class out for the first time), and hair pulled back away from the face. Traditional ballet attire and hair in a secure bun is highly recommended for those taking our Intermediate Adult classes. We ask that all tummies please be covered.


Gentlemen should also plan to wear clothing that allows free movement (but nothing too baggy or cumbersome as it may cause you to trip), and ballet shoes (or, temporarily, socks). If you choose to wear the traditional male tights, please plan to wear a dance belt underneath. 

Dress Code

Ballet has no definitive beginning or ending age limits. NSB offers multiple class options geared toward beginning and intermediate adult dancers. With multiple classes offered each week, adult dancers have the freedom to choose to dance as much or as little as they please. 

Dance cards are usually recommended for dancers opting for this program (see our Fees and Policies​ tab). Our staff is happy to answer any questions regarding this process. 

About Our Adult Ballet Program

Ages 16+ years

NorthState Ballet